I am Amin aka LLANE-A

I’m an audio engineer and music producer.
Take a look at my work and if you like it I would love to hear from you!

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What my clients say about me and my work

LLANE-A’s musical productions have always been great however where he truly shines is his sense of sonic awareness. We have worked together on a few projects in the past and what always stuck out for me was the quality of the mixes. He has a keen ear for anything that doesn’t sound quite right and is very effective in his process of elimination. I would definitely have him work for me again as a sound engineer!

Lui PengSingerSpotify

LLANE was great to work with. His turnaround time was quick, and he was adjusted to notes very well and brought the mix to life. Looking forward to working again in the future.


Working with LLANE has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge of music production is as extensive as his talents and creating with him is fun and exciting.

Nino LucarelliSinger, ProducerSpotify

Other than keeping us updated with the new gear in the scene through the Musixon page,  LLANE has been showing his great mixing and music production skills since day one.

MednasProducer, DJWikipedia

It was awesome working with LLANE-A! He reached out to me to support my latest release. His mixing was superb and he always made sure I was satisfied with the sound. I look forward to working with him in the future!

Michael From The EastSingerSpotify

Amazing work ethic. Clean and professional mastering done on the same day sent. LLANE delivers quality!

Young JayceeRapperSpotify

Working with LLANE-A on few collab songs has been a great experience, sharing an amazing vibe on every creation. He is a talented producer and audio engineer, and we’re definitely and hopefully going to work together again on new songs very soon! Excited for what’s coming next!

Kinnie LaneSingerYouTube

It’s an incredible feeling to work with people who love music as much as I do. I have known LLANE for a few years now and it is always an honor to work with him. Everything he touches becomes magic.

Adam ElmaProducerSpotify

I give LLANE my highest recommendation. He is so fast, professional and his mixes sound amazing every time. I’m seriously hooked! There’s nothing greater than people with this passion for music and for making a project job that works for everybody. He’s great to talk with in person as well and has a lot of positive energy!

Jasmine KaraSingerSpotify

Working with LLANE has been amazing. He is a wonderful person to work with, with great attention to detail and a fast work ethic. LLANE is amazing at what he does and I would definitely recommend him!

LE3SASinger, ProducerSpotify

LLANE’s mixes are dynamic and clear. He opens up your sound and makes the song come to life!

Brian Dane HansenProducer, Audio EngineerInstagram

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Audio Mixing

Just send me your new tracks’ audio stems and I’ll get all the sounds matching and balanced with each other, creating an industry standard song that might blow up!


You lookin’ to create a new banger? I can certainly help you out with that. We discuss things and come up with ideas and I’ll use all my experiences and connections to make heats with you!

Audio Mastering

After the music is perfectly mixed, here comes the mastering! The track’s levels and dynamic range will now get to the standard point for all the stream platforms and I make sure it sounds best in all types of sound systems!

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