All On You!

Better Consider Everything

Music industry keeps changing just like how everything else is, and it certainly is getting more and more difficult to make it!

More options are being available for music makers and the listeners. As far as I know, making a record is now super easy compared to how it used to be years ago. Just build a home-studio, which wouldn’t cost much, make a beat, record your vocals, get’em mixed and mastered and use online distribution services to put them on all online music streaming platforms and Boom! You got a hit dawg!

But do you really think it’d be possible that way? In my opinion, it could but we didn’t go through details and struggles that exist during the simple process I just talked about. It’s like saying “If you want to fly, get inside the jet and take off”! Wow seems simple huh? Maybe in GTA V.. but in fact, you definitely need to know lots of information and skills, etc in order to do that.

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You Kno’am Sayin’

Let’s cut to the chase, every single aspect that you’re dealing with while making a song is super important and can have a huge impact on your results! As a singer or rapper, your voice matter, your flow, your looks, your behavior, your accent, your lyrics, your personality, your lifestyle… and so on.

I’m not old enough to know enough about how it was 40 years ago but as much as I know, there used to be fewer factors back then. The older generation mostly says back then it was real music and now it’s just trash..blah blah but really it was just different. Better stop comparing.

Back to the factors

I’ve had clients with super great talent and singing skills, sending me a song with dope production but with shitty ass vocal quality! I’m talking about the recording issues. If you’re also an audio engineer reading this, you already know what type of feeling I have while working on these types of tracks.

Rushing on a song can really fuck it up and you may end up saying “Damn we need to get this shit off the streaming platforms”… After a while.

Really when someone doesn’t know you as an artist, how can you make them click on your track on Spotify? Your song’s cover-art does matter. No matter how great sounding your production is, people may not notice your music if the art-work is wack.

Sometimes it may actually do change the listener’s point of view. So, as well as listening to your beautiful piece of art, people love to see something beautiful and your cover-art does the job! So does your drip!

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One great song is worth a hundred mediocre tracks! That one single track could let you make a huge movement. It’s like you shoot a bullet right in the head instead of just shooting all around the place with no purpose. “I don’t promote violence”.

I often see artists working on tens of tracks and spending low budgets on each just cause they can’t afford to spend a good amount on each. This is madness…

The formula is already known, it all depends on how you do it. Most of the time cheap price doesn’t bring quality. So if you spend a good amount on production, record session, mix, mastering, cover-art, and visuals, management, promotion, etc… you obviously have a higher chance to win the competition and capture some attention!

Try not to cash out like hitting the strip-club though… invest enough on you with logic and strategy.